The company's history

Together for over 3 decades

Holzexport was established in 1992 as a family enterprise and over 30 years of its activity it has become one of the largest and fastest-growing companies in Poland in the production of two- and three-layer wooden flooring.

We are well acquainted with the timber industry – we started our business as producers of wooden friezes, and today we specialize in manufacturing high-quality two- and three-layer parquets.

We sell parquet
all over the world

Holzexport has a well-developed sales network worldwide. We make every effort to keep up with the current fashion and trends in the timber industry, participating in exhibitions and the most popular trade fairs.

We are constantly evolving for our customers and are always on the move. However, there is one factor that remains unchanged – the quality we provide.

Company today
We nurture tradition and passion

Our mission is to design and produce beautiful, durable, and practical floors that will decorate any interior. At the heart of our floors and quality lies vast experience and thoughtful actions.

Thanks to modern technology, we can produce even the most sophisticated and demanding products. The result of our hard work is visible to the naked eye in the two-layer parquets of Holzexport.

We use
natural resources

Holzexport constantly seeks for material suppliers of highest quality.

Wood is our passion, which we have been dedicated to for years. We provide floors that meet the highest demands of our trading partners. If you share our interest and want to create perfectly tailored solutions at Holzexport, feel free to reach out to us.

Why choose our parquet

Safe parquet installation:

The bottom layer is non-conductive, which enhances safety during parquet laying (e.g., during cutting).

Wood from legal sources:

Our FSC® certificate guarantees that the raw material comes from legal sources—forests managed in a sustainable manner and under controlled logging supervision.

Healthy and natural parquets:

Our parquets meet the highest requirements for emissions of harmful compounds (PCP ≤ 5×10-6n). They have been approved by the German Institute of Civil Engineering.

Longer lifespan of floors:

A thick wear layer (4mm or 6mm) extends the lifespan of our floors, as they can be sanded multiple times.

Perfect for underfloor heating:

The thickness of the board perfectly complements other flooring materials, such as ceramic tiles or stone.

Excellent thermal conductivity:

The bottom part made of solid spruce or oak lamellas conducts heat superbly, significantly reducing heating costs.

In harmony with nature

Raw material – natural wood – is imported from supervised forest plantations, confirmed by the certificates we hold. The high quality of our parquets has been appreciated by many trading partners, and we regularly showcase our new products at Domotex (Hannover) and Bau (Munich) trade fairs.


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