The new version of the unforgettable chevron is once again causing a stir in the world of contemporary interior design. Its minimalist character, combined with a unique structure and original arrangement, brings freshness and dynamics to any space.


CHOPIN collection harmonizes perfectly with interiors in retro style, as well as surprisingly enriches minimalist, monochromatic spaces.


Spruce underconstruction

Glued to the floor

Very good for floor heating systems

Brushed surface


One-sided woodblocks

4-side bevel

Top layer 3,5mm

Technical parameters

Total thickness: 11 mm
Width: 70 mm or 120 mm
Top layer: 3,5 mm
Length: 720 mm, 660 mm
Format: Parquet
Parquet type: Two-layer
Wood species: Oak
Pattern: Chevron
Floor heating: Yes


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