Collection HEVELIUS is a collection of our wide and long floorboard, perfect for those seeking a unique and elegant solution for their interiors. Our floorboard delights with its solidity and beauty. Made of the highest quality wood, it ensures durability and lasting aesthetics.


Thanks to its width, it gives a sense of spaciousness to rooms, while also emphasising the elegance of any interior. Long floorboards add unmatched charm and character to spaces, creating a striking foundation for any decorative style. Let our wide and long floorboard add exceptional charm to your home.


Spruce underconstruction

Glued to the floor

Very good for floor heating systems

Brushed surface


One-sided woodblocks

4-side bevel

Top layer 3,5mm

Technical parameters

Total thickness: 11 mm
Width: 180 mm
Top layer: 3,5 mm
Length: 1800-2200 mm
Format: Floorboard
Parquet type: Two-layer
Wood species: Oak
Pattern: Parallel
Floor heating: Yes


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