Premium Floor Herringbone

The PREMIUM FLOOR collection offers parquet in smaller dimensions, allowing the creation of unique compositions and patterns, which will surely satisfy anyone looking for something exceptional. In this collection, you will discover a variety of wood species and fascinating finishing options that will help create a unique atmosphere and appreciate the classic beauty of wooden floors.

Premium Floor Herringbone

Our wide range of colours includes light shades, natural styling and deep tones. It’s a true palette of possibilities that will fulfil every customer’s dreams.


Spruce underconstruction

Glued to the floor

Very good for floor heating systems

Brushed surface


One-sided woodblocks

4-side bevel

Top layer 3,5mm

Technical parameters

Total thickness: 11 mm
Width: 70 mm
Top layer: 3,5 mm
Length: 490 mm
Format: Parquet
Parquet type: Two-layer
Wood species: Oak
Pattern: Parallel, herringbone
Floor heating: Yes


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