The PYTHAGORAS collection is a true feast for those who desire dynamics and unpredictability in their interior. The parquet in this series is a master of transformation: calm and elegant one moment, only to reveal its wild, energetic, and vibrant side under the influence of changing lighting in the next. Do you want to make an impression and step beyond rules? PYTHAGORAS was created just for you!


The unlimited possibilities of the parquet from the PYTHAGORAS collection offer a wide range of options – from classic solutions to avant-garde arrangements. The number of combinations is as vast as the imagination can conceive. Its appearance depends solely on how light casts shadows and highlights on it.


Spruce underconstruction

Glued to the floor

Very good for floor heating systems

Brushed surface


One-sided woodblocks

4-side bevel

Top layer 3,5mm

Technical parameters

Total thickness: 11 mm
Width: 200 mm
Top layer: 3,5 mm
Length: 600 mm, 800mm
Format: Parquet
Parquet type: Two-layer
Wood species: Oak
Pattern: Parallel
Floor heating: Yes


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